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* Art                                  * Magazine

* Music                              * Theatre

* Dance                             * Financial Literacy

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East Knoxville 



This is how we start each and every day!

 Harambee! is a Swahili word that means “all pull together.”

To ensure that every child has a fair start, the Children’s Defense Fund Freedom Schools starts the day with informal sharing when children, staff, parents, and members of the community come together to celebrate themselves and others.


Harambee! Components

•Read Aloud                               •Motivational Song 

•Cheers/Chants                           •Recognitions     

•Moment of Silence                     •Announcements 

Harambee! Reinforces Skills

•Repetition                                •Call and Response 

•Gross Motor Skills                     •Fine Motor Skills    

•Listening                                  •Sequencing  

•Visual Learners                         •Auditory Learners                                  •Kinesthetic Learners




The core of our program is the Integrated Reading Curriculum (IRC). This is what informs the books our scholars read and the exercises and activities they engage in to enhance their comprehension, recall, and critical thinking.  

We think of books in two ways. Books are like mirrors that allow us to see ourselves and others that look like me. Those books tell us stories that are familiar and easy to relate to. Books are also like windows that give us a view into other people, places, lives, and experiences. These provide broadening experiences and provide an opportunity to grow in understanding and empathy.

The IRC is research-based and a select set of authors, historians, and scholars ensure that the selected books celebrate and nurture multiple racial identities and cultures and contain accurate narratives.​​

Blount County


Afternoon Activities
  • STEM

    • Learn & Practice the Scientific Method

    • Experiments in microbiology, physics, chemistry, electricity, & geoscience 

  • Math Talks

    • Playing with mental math

    • Have fun talking about different ways to solve a problem

  • Financial Literacy (On My Own)

    • Imagine you are 26 years old

    • Choose a profession & family situation

    • Choose how you will spend & save​

  • Magazine     

    • Write articles and repots​

    • Create art to complement reports

  • Theatre

    • Practice projection, enunciation, & memorization

    • Build confidence & teamwork​

  • Art

    • Create various works for magazine & finale

    • Quiet time to draw and color

  • Music

    • Learn basics of music - reading and playing

    • Create instruments

    • Drumming

  • Dance

    • Develop and perform dance routine