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Our Most Important Partner is YOU!

  • Parents and other family members are important partners in their children’s education and must be offered the support and skills they need to help their children succeed.


  • Parents or representative of the household, are required to participate in weekly workshops focused on educational and social development of children, parenting, CDF initiatives, and other activities that build parent empowerment and family success.


  • Parents are required to provide support to the program by becoming actively involved in the CDF Freedom Schools program: read-aloud guests, assist with, afternoon activities, at mealtimes, chaperone field trips, etc.

Parent Workshops 

Based on the expressed interest and needs of the families of our scholars, we will arrange to have one-hour evening sessions on select topics. There might be topics such as:

  • Internet Safety

  • Low Cost Healthy Meals

  • Home Finances

  • Navigating the Knox County School system

Each week you too will have another opportunity to learn & grow!

Parent Workshop     Presentations

Reading Alongside Children
                         --Dr. Margaret Quinn

Here are Read Alouds for your scholar!

They can read along -or- turn the sound

down and read the book themselves!

Reading Strategies at Home
                              --Julia Walker
                  Teacher & Site Coordinator

Advocating For My Child     
                              --James Slay (2021)
              Asst. Principal, Green Magnet

Advocating For My Child     
                       --Tammi Campbell (2018)
            Principal, AE & Past Ombudsman

Find a variety of ways to help your  scholar be an even better reader!

Practice with ReadTheory
Grade-level passages, quizzes for comprehension, and explanations for
right or wrong answers.

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Keep Children Safe Online  
                                   --Lisa Ivy
                                Street Hope TN

Budget, Credit & Finances   
                                   --Kristie Blevins
                                   Operation HOPE
                 inside, First Horizon Knoxville


 Jamerson & Liam's Dad      The Grillmaster!!   

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