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"Something Inside So Strong"

Harambee! Components

•Read Aloud                              


•Moment of Silence                   

Harambee! Reinforces Skills 


•Gross Motor Skills                      


•Visual Learners                      

•Kinesthetic Learners

Harambee! is a Swahili word that means “all pull together.” To ensure that every child has a fair start, the Children’s Defense Fund Freedom Schools starts the day with informal sharing when children, staff, parents, and members of the community come together to celebrate themselves and others.

•Motivational Song 



•Call and Response 

•Fine Motor Skills    


•Auditory Learners                         


Where Children Fall in Love With Reading

The core of our program is the Integrated Reading Curriculum (IRC). This guides the facilitation of the work we do with our scholars for each book in the curriculum. It is ordered according to the six sub-themes of our theme of “I Can Make A Difference” – in my Self, Family, Community, Country, the World, and I do it with Hope, Education, & Action. For each book, the IRC details the academic standards, suggests discussion questions, and the cooperative group work that is designed to enhance their comprehension, recall, and critical thinking.  

We think of books in two ways. Books are mirrors that allow us to see ourselves and others that look like me. Those books tell us stories that are familiar and easy to relate to. Books are also windows that give us a view into other people, places, lives, and experiences. These provide broadening experiences and an opportunity to grow in understanding and empathy.

The IRC is research-based and a select set of authors, historians, and scholars ensure that the selected books celebrate and nurture multiple racial identities and cultures and contain accurate narratives.​​


Middle Schoolers


Middle Schooler Flyer #3
Middle Schooler Flyer #4


Middle Schooler Flyer #6
Middle Schooler Flyer #5


Middle Schooler Flyer #1
Middle Schooler Flyer #2

Financial Literacy for
Middle Schoolers

Cash and Coins
Documents and Money Calculator

A foundation that teaches healthy skepticism when it comes to anything impacting your money or your well-being.

And our resources are for all ages.

They're advertising free, and have only one agenda: to help you make wise decisions.

Afternoon Activities

  • STEM

    • Learn & Practice the Scientific Method

    • Experiments in microbiology, physics, chemistry, electricity, geoscience, & engineering 

      • UT Prof. Drew Steen (6-8) & I AM STEM (K-5)

  • Montessori Math

    • Hands-on with Math Concepts – place value, addition, geometry, etc.

    • Have fun talking about different ways to solve a problem

  • Girl Scouts                  

    • Learn about Girl Scouts…motto/pledge

    • Earn badges

  • Boy Talk

    • Enhance self-confidence & esteem

    • Better understand the power of choices made

    • Better understand emotions & feelings

  • ​Fitness

    • Learn & Practice physical movements

    • Learn healthy eating practices

    • Learn how to calm the mind & body 

  • Art

    • Learn various techniques

    • Create works of art

    • Quiet time to draw and color

  • Drumming

    • Learn basics of drumming

    • Practice & deliver drumming performance

      • Led by "Drums Up, Guns Down"

  • Phonics 

    • Practice Letter Name/Sound

    • Practice digraphs, blends

      • Led by UT Prof. Zoi Traga-Philipakkos

  • Financial Literacy

    • Become a healthy skeptical consumer

    • Learn personal responsibility

    • Practice making sound financial decisions

  • Civics/American History

    • Learn about democracy

    • Learn about how voting rights have evolved

    • Review key moments involving people of color

ETFS - Montessori Math Instruction

*Montessori Math

Kids learning the art of Drumming at  Eagleton College and Career Academy

*Drumming at Eagleton

National Day of Social Action

The National Day of Social Action is in the spirit of Freedom Schools’ overarching theme of “I Can Make A Difference”. The purpose of the National Day of Social Action is to give Freedom Schools’ scholars the opportunity to take part in collective action to constructively use their voices and creativity to express their own desire for change and justice. Every Freedom School site across the country takes action on the same focus area on the same day.

In past years our scholars took action on the following community/country/world challenges:

  • Cuts to SNAP/EBT

  • Voting – Registration and Important Issues to Youth

  • Climate Crisis

  • Youth Justice at School

  • Gun Violence

National Day of Social Action

Freedom Schools - Civic Engagement - NDS

Celebrating Our Scholars Growth
at the Finale

Blount County Finale

Knox County Finale

Stem @ Home

with 500 Women Scientists 

Support School Learning at Home!

These experiments are for K-5 students and are a 

great way to have fun learning time with your child.

Watch & use the lesson plan to guide your way.









Grow Background Knowledge at Home!

Visit places near & far and grow all you know!

You and your child can go to Space, visit the Pyramids in Giza, 

see Animals at San Diego Zoo, & more.

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