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Scholar Application

Welcome to our Application Submission Portal! To ensure your application is processed accurately, kindly complete all fields marked with a red asterisk (*).  Thank you!

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Is your child an English Language Learner? (English is not their first language)
Type of school your child attended this past school year?
What is your child's Reading Ability?
Has your child ever attended a CDF Freedom Schools summer program before?
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In case of an emergency, I give permission for any of the above individuals to be contacted and my child(ren) may be released to any of them. (Please type your name and the date below)

We want to get a better sense of the difference Freedom Schools is making with our scholars. To do that we need to compare our program's pre- and post-assessment scores with the scores your scholar earns on their reading test at school.  

During the East Tennessee Freedom Schools program, we would like your permission to video and take photographs of your child as they take part in various activities/events.
I authorize and request East Tennessee Freedom Schools to provide transportation for my scholar on field trips and programmatic outings that may take place during the Freedom School’s Summer, June 10 - July 19, 2024
In exchange for East Tennessee Freedom Schools’ agreement to provide transportation for my scholar, I agree to release East Tennessee Freedom Schools and their officers, employees, and agents from any claims, including claims concerning illness or injury that might occur during these trips.

I understand that the organization that is enrolling my child(ren) in the CDF Freedom Schools® program, East TN Freedom Schools, is in partnership with the Children’s Defense Fund to offer this summer program. This personal information will be kept private and confidential and will only be shared with CDF to collect demographic information on children served and to report out this information in aggregate form. 

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